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  • Buy 10ml THC Vape Liquid – Ease

    1000mg THC Vape Liquid Select flavour from Lemon Lime, Winter, Natural or Orange, and Citrus Mint Ease has a blend of all natural ingredients and extracts that combine to enhance your vaping experience. No Propylene Glycol, Alcohol, Artifical flavours, Diacetyl, acetyl propanol or diluents of any kind. Ease is independently tested by 2 separate labs to verify quality, accuracy, pesticide content, heavy metal content and solvents. You’ll be happy to know Ease is completely solvent, pesticide, and heavy metal free. It’s so easy and discreet.
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  • Buy Red Lebanese Hash (AAAAA)

    Hashish is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan. The best kinds of Hash in Afghanistan originate from the Northern provinces between Hindu Kush and the Russian border (Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif).
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    CBD COOLING STICK is great for those needing quick relief from muscle, joint, and back pain. Our unique blend of ingredients has been scientifically formulated to be the most effective, natural anti-inflammatory topical available. Once applied, you will start to immediately feel the cooling effects. Long lasting, soothing, and convenient.
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  • Buy THCA Diamonds

    If you haven’t heard about THCA diamond, don’t feel out of the loop. For now, the relatively new cannabis concentrate seems about as rare as its geological counterpart. $60 Per Gram
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