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  • Buy Northern Lights Strain Online

    Northern Lights is highly recommended for evening use and insomnia. It is one of the purest Indica strains around (95 pct. Indica, 5 pct. Sativa) which make it a highly sedative strain. It is also often chosen to relieve the effects of stress and anxiety.
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  • Buy Gelato Bud Online

    Gelato is a perfect strain for late afternoon or early evening use. Its anxiolytic and mood-uplifting effects will free your mind from stress and anxieties as you start to wind down from the day’s activities.

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    Also available in 3.5g tins: $28

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  • Buy Camino Gummies Online

    Find yourself on a blissful beach with our Watermelon Lemonade gummies. Let sativa and indica terpenes alongside juicy watermelon and tart citrus welcome you to your happy place. Camino was designed to transport you to a specific location and put you in a “California State of Mind.”

    $18 Per serving 5

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  • Buy Pineapple Punch Online (Oz)

    This Sativa-dominant hybrid tastes just like pineapple, to the rest it still registers to the tongue as tropical and citrus fruit 🍑 Shop with us for a better experience.

    $180 Per Ounce.

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  • Buy Nuken Strain Online

    Nuken – Kish and God Bud are bred to achieve Nuken, a Canadian strain. Its sweet, earthy aroma of fresh herbs is strong yet smooth. Despite its indica dominance and tendency to relax the body, Nuken also uplifts so users remain functional. Its sage-hued buds are dense and blanketed in crystal resin. Recommended for evening use, to help wind down before bedtime.
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  • Buy Hardcore OG Online

    Medical uses for Strawberry Diesel are truly vast. For those suffering from anxiety or unusually high stress levels, Strawberry Diesel will prove quite useful with its relaxing euphoria. Those suffering from depression can also alleviate these unwanted feelings with a toke of Strawberry Cough.
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  • Buy Grape Ape Online

    Notably, the grape taste and purple flavor of Grape Ape aren’t necessarily correlated. Colorful leaves in cannabis are the result of pigments called anthocyanins activated by different conditions, like cooler temperatures. The tastes of different cannabis strains,> Call or text for a FREE consultation and product help.
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  • Blueberry Vape Cartridge

    Takes away tension, stress and bad moods. Purchase now and forget all your troubles, have a peace of mind. Relax and get the best experience now.
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