Buy Wedding Cake Dank Vape Online

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Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 25%

This flavor is rich with tangy sweet earth and pepper.

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Buy Wedding Cake Dank Vape Online.

Wedding cake can act as an appetite stimulant for those who have lost their hunger to disease or medication

Buy Wedding Cake Dank Vape Online.

Wedding Cake may also be of use to medical cannabis patients. Its tendency to bring about feelings of perceptiveness can aid those with mild to moderate stress, anxiety, and depression, helping them feel more “in the moment.” Because this strain leaves users lucid and levelheaded, it can also help those with attention deficit disorders to focus on specific tasks. Wedding Cake’s gradual waves of physical relaxation can soothe both temporary and chronic aches and pains and, in high enough doses, can bring about relief for insomnia.


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